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Merchant Benefits Overview

Today’s economy relies more on internet commerce each day. With the growth of e-commerce comes the growth of problems associated with this method of business including fraud, identity theft and, of course, credit card chargebacks. As on-line merchants, we understand these trials and the continuing need for innovative solutions to e-commerce dilemmas. That’s why we have developed 123BILL! With 123BILL you can draw from the deep well of Internet business and sell all manner of products and services on-line while assuming NO RISK OF NON PAYMENT!

123BILL is a revolutionary new program that pays you for every sale you make. Your customers don’t have to wait for a check to clear or bother with long credit card forms that ask for everything short of a blood sample. Best of all, you don’t have to worry whether or not the customer will deny the charges.

Our program is really quite simple. 123BILL does not require the consumer to use a credit card, on-line checks or expensive international dialer and 900 billing platforms. We simply ask for a few basic pieces of information from your customer to validate their identity and instantly grant them online credit once this is verified. Once the consumer has been accepted, he can purchase from you and we will then bill him directly ourselves. We accept all of the risk and you will receive payment from us regardless of whether or not we are successful collecting from the customer.

You are paid out a very high percentage of the total amount billed to the consumer and we reserve the remainder to cover our cost of uncollectables and the collections process. Savvy merchants appreciate that the 123BILL process adds new business by processing for customers that would otherwise be unable to purchase from them. With online merchant accounts becoming more difficult to maintain you can rest easy knowing that your account with us will always be in good standing. With 123BILL, your transactions become worry-free!

There are so many reasons to use 123BILL we’re sure it will become one of the greatest innovations in e-commerce billing solutions. You can use 123BILL to tap into customers who are declined for credit card purchases, those who are hesitant to give out credit/check information on-line and anyone who wants a simple means of making a purchase. Offer 123BILL as a payment method and you are sure to see your profits increase with the added security of knowing you will never be held accountable for any form of non-collection or chargeback!

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