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Works With Your Existing Affiliate Program

We know the internet, it's our business.

Obtaining large amounts of targeted search engine traffic for any one web site is nearly impossible anymore. To make money as a retailer online you must have an affiliate base to send your web site traffic. Without affiliates to push consumers to your products your online business will fail.

For these reasons and many more 123BILL has been built from the ground up for easy integration into whatever back-end you are using for your affiliate program. If you don't have an affiliate program, our proprietary system will allow you to track sales made by your affiliates and create payout reports of your affiliates for you. We are already integrated with the MPA3 software solution to ease implementation for merchants already on that platform.

Everything about the 123BILL program is designed to make the billing process quick, convenient and seamless for both the merchant and the consumer from start to finish. Simply choose to offer 123BILL as a billing option and let us do the rest of the work!


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