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Assuring Your Privacy

Watching the evening news is enough to make anyone leery of shopping online. Reports of identity theft, fraudulent purchases and other crimes are always increasing. As if this wasn't bad enough, some retailers even sell your contact information to other companies or have their telemarketers bother you. Unsolicited junk mail comes in constantly wasting our time and filling up all of our mail boxes.

We think these problems and more are solved when customers like you choose to shop using a 123bill account. We believe that when you want something, you will seek it out! Our commitment to your privacy protects you during the entire online shopping experience. When you use 123bill none of your information is unnecessarily shared with retailers. Unless you are taking physical delivery of a product, merchants will most likely only have access to your name and E-Mail address. In either event, you will have complete control and knowledge of what information the merchant is given.

Concerned about getting a statement sent to your home? We generate discreet statements which are sent to the address of your choice. You have the option to view detailed billing inside your account so that mailed statements have minimal descriptions like "information services" or "product to be delivered". In this scenario you can simply login to our web site to review your purchase details.

During the process of establishing your account we do not access any of your other personal details or your credit report. With our 128 bit strong encryption, secure servers, we protect the information that we collect so it cannot be spied on or stolen while you sign up. Our goal is simply to validate your identity so that we may extend you credit. This is done securely with leading credit bureaus. Your account takes less than one minute to validate and be created after which you can instantly shop with all participating 123bill merchants.

Your information will never be sold, rented or abused. We have no products to sell you ourselves, our goal is simply to be the medium through which you shop and pay online. You have access to our customer care representatives who work to assure your satisfaction with all purchases made with 123bill, discreetly. Your purchase details are available exclusively to you over the phone, online and on your hardcopy mailed statements.

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