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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is 123bill?
123bill is a a privately held company headquartered in Southfield, Michigan. The concept and business have been in development since 2000 and 123Bill first launched it's online service in January of 2003. Today, we are fully staffed to deal directly with consumers in addition to providing full merchant support.

What can I purchase online with my 123bill account?
All products and services sold by participating 123bill merchants which run the gamut from online shopping to informational and subscription based services.

What does it cost to have a 123bill account?
Nothing! You will only be billed for the purchases that you make. There will never be account setup fees or interest billed. When your account is kept current and all payments received within the twenty five day grace period from each respective date of purchase, you will never be assessed a late fee.

What information do I need to give to establish as 123bill account?
We require minimal personal information to authorize and create your 123bill account. We require your full name, address, phone number, date of birth and your social security number. We send this information through a secure and direct connection to leading credit bureaus. We do not access your credit report but they do review this information against their database to verify your identity. If all of the information provided is correct we will issue you a new account regardless of your credit history.

What measures does 123bill take to protect me from fraudulent activity?
Because we require your entire social security number and driver's license number, it is extremely difficult for an outsider to duplicate your information. We mail hardcopy statements in addition to an email invoice within one business day of the time of purchase. With this efficient process, you will be able to notify us of any unauthorized activity quickly. No account identification card or “credit card” will ever be mailed to you and this means your information can never be lost or stolen. New accounts have limited access to credit while established accounts get graduated to higher spending levels.

What charge information is included on a 123bill statement?
Billing statements are discreet. Purchase descriptions are categorized as “Online Subscription Service”, "Interactive Services" or “Online Product Purchase” and if applicable will also include any terms of purchase such as a rebilling date. Full billing descriptions can be retrieved with ease online or over the phone if necessary.

What is the process for Cancelling a Subscription?
You can log into your 123Bill account to see your invoice, Cancel any recurring membership, or change your billing address. 123Bill sends all of your account login details at the time of your initial purchase, to the E-Mail address you provide.

What is the process for disputing a charge on my account?
There are several convenient ways to dispute account charges. You may write details about your dispute on your invoice, mail it back and await our response. You have sixty days from your date of purchase to dispute purchases. We welcome customer phone calls during business hours at which time a customer care representative will be happy to assist you. Lastly, you can dispute a charge online by submitting an easy-to-use form in your account access area.

What methods of payment does 123bill accept?
You may remit payment after receiving your invoice with the included return envelope. We accept personal checks, checks drawn on a business account, cashier’s checks, cash and also money orders. If you wish to make a payment directly from your checking account over the phone one of our customer care representatives can fulfill that request.

What happens if I do not pay my 123bill statement on time?
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the 123Bill Consumer Agreement for full details about your payment responsibility. You are given a twenty five day grace period from the time of purchase to remit payment in full at which time you are assessed a late fee which is relative to the amount of your outstanding charge. If your account is still unpaid at sixty 60 days your account will be assessed a collection fee and turned over to another company for collections.

Where is my personal information stored and will it ever be sold to another company?
Your information will be stored in our secure servers. Officers and employees of 123Bill will have access to your private information only when necessary. Your personal information and spending patterns will not be shared or sold to any other entity, ever.

When can I begin shopping after establishing an account with 123bill?
Once you have an established 123bill account you may immediately shop at all participating merchants.

When will I receive statements from 123bill?
Electronic statements are sent via e-mail immediately following your purchase. Paper statements are printed and mailed within one business day of each purchase. If multiple purchases are made within a 24 hour period or over a weekend they may appear on one or more statements depending on the timing of the purchases.

Why would I choose 123bill for purchases online instead of a credit card account?
123bill has established itself as an excellent online payment method by eliminating the risk of fraud, identity theft and interest charges. Consumers appreciate our discreet billing process which keeps prying eyes from reviewing statements. Our web site allows you to instead login securely online for access to full purchase details.

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